Week 15 – A Battle

There is a battle going on right now. A battle within me. This past week there has been a lot of pushback by the old blueprint. I can hear it telling me, “that’s not you! you are not one to achieve greatness, you are too old for change!” It is a battle that must be one for I will refuse to keep this shell of concrete that has kept me down over the year. If I live as long as my mother, I have another 38 years in me! I can do a lot in 38 years! The Scroll 3 has come a the right time and reminds me. AS LONG AS THERE IS BREATH IN ME, THAT LONG I WILL PERSIST!

I must keep with the plan. Study – Practice- Learn – Think. Keep the cycle going. As Mark stated it is already within me. I just need to accept it and apply it.

The flash cards were a boost. As I started to write down my attributes I realized just how far I have come, the things I have accomplished so far in my life. Things that I haven’t thought about for a very long time. It gives me the courage to journey on, and stop beating myself up as the old subby wants. My old boss told me once after a company meeting where I didn’t speak my mind. “you know Hinks, you have lots of experience and I know you can add a lot of value to the meetings we hold. Speak up and make yourself heard, man!” That was a surprise phycological boost coming from a boss everyone classified as an A-hole… I later did call him that, in private, to his face, and he loved it. That is what I have to remember when expanding and flashing the cards. I do have experience. I do have the ability for achieve my definite purpose.


Week 14 – Enlightenment

Well, this has been a very difficult week to focus on Master Key daily activities. I had the whole week off from the workplace and that alone breaks the routine. Waking up late, going to bed later. To add to it we were away from the house with my youngest, visiting from California, for the whole week as well. Needless to say, with the constant visitor and cooking a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner for 2 waves of family and friends we had our hands full… despite this it was a blessed Christmas. It is rare when we can get the whole gang together. It was a great week, but I really am ready to get back at becoming the person I was meant to be.

The Master Keys was Part 14 is quite eye-opening. As I read about the subconscious in previous readings, I didn’t think about where the subconscious literally lies within us. To think that every cell, every electron, that there is mind in every atom of the body. That the negative mind that lies in every cell in the body is the subconscious is jaw dropping news. I knew that our cell served a valuable purpose, each with their own assignment and I knew they worked in harmony to create tissue and organs, but never thought of them as being the subconscious. In ways I find myself celebrating within at the news that these cells can get direction for metaphysical healing. Many would say this is stuff that is science fiction, but I have read about physiologists dealing with individuals with dual personalities. They have seen an patient change eye color or in some cases seen the same physical person go from being diabetic to non- diabetic depending upon who they are at the time. This shows the powerful connection between the conscious and the sub-conscious.   I am pumped from this news as I now feel that I have control over how my body regenerates. I have the power to eliminate the cancer that is in me and replace it with healthy cells. I merely need to practice, practice, practice at getting in touch with and controlling by sub-conscious mind. I realize that this will take time and work but, I am worth this! I need this!

Week 13 – Focus

This has been a difficult week to focus while doing my sit… so much going on inside. Of Course the Christmas season brings on stress. My son will be coming in from California for a full week and that will take planning as well hosting a group on Christmas day. To make it more of a challenge this season, we are balancing our lives between our old home and the new home we purchased recently which is an hour and half away. We are on the search for jobs in our new location as well.  There are times when despair sets in and i fight it but as Og says, “if this disease of the mind should infect me I will work on in despair.” “I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head.”

Sunday,  I was unable to view the webinar live as my local son showed up with in the morning with my early Christmas present… Viking Game Tickets! Of course that was a conflict with the webinar. thank you for recording it so we could see it at a later date. There is nothing like building that bond between father and son. I had a good time with him. 

It was great to hear from those who have successful gone through the Master Keys. Take away there is “Don’t make, perfect, the enemy of the good”, Lori Enrico. This is one of my issues when it comes to Network Marketing. I want to know all before moving forward. She is right, that is a recipe for failure. Another training for Subby to get over.

NARC. Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning. Powerful. As soon as Mark discussed this it brought back a memory of a past leader, in Market America who instructed us to right a “Pain Statement” to go along with the “Goal Statement”. What would your like be like if you quit? It was not pleasant, but I can see how this would be contrary to what we are learning. To read this pain statement daily could send the wrong message to the subby. I like the idea of only doing as Mark described. occasionally associate pain when you don’t pick up that phone.




Week 12 – Law of Practice


This week we are to realize our unity with omnipotence. To “get in touch with this power and come into a deep and vital understanding, appreciation, and realization for the fact the your ability to think is your ability to act upon the Universal Mind and bring it into manifestation…”

I feel like I have graduated from kindergartner and jump into High school. I was able to reverse the process of ship building and have envision a plant growing, but these were things that I can touch… that I have experience with in the physical world. Truly to envision the omnipotence is a huge leap of faith. Not only that… it’s a bit frightening in a way. To think that you are to get acquainted with all power. I do not take this lightly and must remember that “thought impregnated with LOVE becomes invincible. Love is a key ingredient when tapping the power. 

This will take practice. which is why I am focused on the law of practice this week. practice to bring me in tune with the omnipotent with LOVE. Practice make prefect! 

Week 11: The White Room

I don’t know if I am doing my sit right or not, but I do find it working for me. I found it too distracting to have my eyes open during the sit. My mind wonders easily and it’s hard to focus, so I close my eyes and go to my room. The venue I have chosen for my virtual sit, is bright white room. It is so brilliant that I lack depth perception. There are no corner on walls, in fact, I can’t really make out walls at all. I always start out sitting at a white desk dressed all in white.  I feel that when I go to this room there are no visual distraction and  my focus is more intense. I start my sit by thinking about relaxing ever part of my body.  Once completely relaxed, I say to myself “white room”. I immediately transport to my white desk in the white room. I have made the room impenetrable to any negative thoughts. Words like, “quit, cannot, unable, impossible out of the question, improbable, failure, unworkable, hopeless, and retreat” and many others are not used here. Is it perfect… absolutely not!… not yet. There are many time when the mind drifts and I find myself out of the room, back to “reality”. But as soon as I catch myself I say, “white room” I am back in it. Focus. Focus. Focus. I begin the chant… I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, healthy and happy. Then I make another attempt at the exercise. Focus, Focus,

In this room, I have become relaxed.  I have envisioned a friend’s expression as I talk to her. I have had a brief conversation with my future self. I have seen the reverse order of a ship being built. I raised tomato plants. On the white desk, I have drawn and created a cone with a square base. I am envisioning the “thing ye desire, when you pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them”.  I have come to love going to the white room and look forward to my sit.

As stated before, the sit is foreign to me. I have never taken the time for me to have alone time, let alone have the ability to sit still for an extended period of time. I know this is the pathway to discover just who I am and what I am capable of generating in my life. It will happen here in the White Room.

Week 10 – Feeling Pumped

It certainly was strange not to have the webinar on Sunday, but was also great to spend time with family and catching up. there is nothing like the holidays to lift spirits.

Earlier this week I realized that this was the last week of the month. The last days of Scroll 2. I can’t believe how fast the time went. i certainly did enjoy reading scroll 2 and it really did touch the heart-strings.  I do feel more love coming from within in me to express from to the without. I have noticed that with my wife too. She is much happier and more loving these days. I definitely will be going back to this scroll from time to time to stay in harmony with the love I have to share.

I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving. Harmonious, and Happy.  I have been very diligent about repeating this affirmation in the morning and night as well as through the day. this includes drive time from work to home. On Wednesday, about 1/2 way from work to home I had an experience that I have never had before. While repeating this affirmation I suddenly had a definite wave of energy that flushed down from my head to the rest of my body. The surge of energy rush downward as I stated each word and for three consecutive affirmations.  I was like, wow what was that? The experience has really touched me. I continue with the affirmation, but I have not had a repeat of this experience, though I would love to. From the reading and these experiences I am affirming myself that I DO have the power within me to improve my life as well as others around me. with full faith, i will journey on.

i always keep my promises! Greg H



Week 9 – I Sit in Awe

This week we were given the direction to sit and envision a flower growing from a seed. Being a gardener, I really looked forward to this sit.

Early on in my journey with the Master Key, I found that I struggled with the sit. I couldn’t get into a full relaxed state and I didn’t have a consistent time for my sit because of the varying work schedule. I also didn’t have a consistent venue for my sit, since I occasionally worked out of town. Days were sometimes long and I would find myself fading into a dose instead of concentrating on simply relaxing.

The best option for me was to get up 1/2 hour early and get my sit in before the day started. At this time i am more alert and not likely to fade to a dose. finally I had a consistent routine. Still this is work! it took time to get myself relaxed and start to envision. 2 weeks ago i found myself having a short conversation with my future self. that was freaky. I was told that I needed to remove the clutter from my life in order to focus on the important events that will effect my future. Still my sits seem to be short flashes before I start going off course and thinking of irrelevant subjects. then came the flower sit.

As a gardener i have a basic understanding of how the parts of a plant grow, but the directions in our readings, brought it to a new level in understanding. As I envision the germination process after watering, and see the root emerging, I focus to a cellular level and i am just in awe as I see the cells quickly dividing and the root growing. suddenly the root branches off and i wonder, how did the cell that started a new root know how to do that? the stem emerges with cells dividing carrying on different roles as it grows. smaller roots in contact with non-living minerals brings them to life, feeding the rest of the plant. From the stem, stubs out a branch that will soon hold a leave. how did they know to do that i ask myself again. i remember the reading, ” each cell is intelligent.” they have a plan of action, they know what their assignment is to achieve perfection. As the plant grows more leaves emerge. and suddenly a branch appears  and branches off into three branches and at the end a bud appears and a flower blooms and dies off. from the miracle of pollination a tiny bulb appears and grows rapidly. Cells constantly dividing a growing the sphere. Each cell programmed to do exactly what it was meant to. As the sphere ripens it turns a beautiful red. the smell of tomatoes fill the air and I am in awe!