Well, now, there you go, bringing up a subject that really hits hard on the ol’ blueprint. Growing up in a large catholic family there are a lot of deep impression that are hard to remove from that blueprint. Worthy? My older brothers and sisters were always ones to put you down and show you where your place is. I’m sure I’m not alone in this but when Mark stated to talk about Unworthiness, i flushed and realized, I’m still not over it. There is a part of me that says you are not worthy to do anything more in your life that what is expected. Very Sunday we state that we “are not worthy that you should enter under my roof.” If god lives within me, then hasn’t he already been under my roof all these years. For my sit this week I shall focus on the fact that I am worthy of his love. I am worthy of the past he sets me on. I will value this tool of unworthiness. What would the person I intend to become do next?


Week 21 – I Am Natures Greatest Miracle!

This week revealed another eye-opening concept. 99% of what we this is a solid object is just an “illusion”. To think that if the electron cloud shut down the object would be invisible is incredible. This in relation to the idea that energy from the electrons is ever present. If we and all objects are basically all electrons, that means the energy from these electrons can be passed from one another creating the universal mind. Suddenly the idea of the omniscient is understandable and truly miraculous. I am now a believer that miracles do occur all around us. It is within me that I must something that controls and directs both the body and mind. Coming into the realization that the true nature of “I” will bring me the sense of power that I have never known. After all, I am natures greatest miracle. Belief in this truth will set me free.

Week 20 – The Fox?

OMG. Enlightenment! This week I discovered I am a FOX. I have always been a person that I good on a variety of things. Put in an egress window? I don’t need a pro to do that I can do it. Remodel the bathroom? I can do that! Redo the plumbing? I don’t need a pro to do that. No matter what it is I can do an average job ( in some cases that is better than some “professional” contractors.) After years of being this way it has prepared my to be a Fox (or some will say squirrel) in our Market America Business. TLS Im all over that! oh look, Web solutions I can do that! Shopping Annuity, I’m all over it! Health and wellness, yeah Baby! Debt Shedder…Cool! In the end I have forgotten to do the most important part of the business in order to get paid. Prospecting and recruiting. Therefore, I, like the FOX, know many things about the business and have lots of experience doing presentations on products, but not making the business the financially sound. Time to be the Hedgehog. I have seen the demonstration of scheduling time and placing the “results producing actives” first, but doing this demo after showing how to prioritize you tasks really makes it hit home.

Week 19 – Wonder Woman Up!

No webinar this week and I sure did miss it. Although we were in Miami for a conference. Two things I would like to share for this week.

  1. At the conference our CEO did a talk relating to the Think and Grow Rich. This was my 4th Conference and I don’t ever recall him focusing on the power we have in our mind, but it really made me take note of how so many understand the concept of master mind. He also, stressed the concept, “It’s later than you think”. He has done this before, where he has a head stone of Joe Somebody and the dash that represents what was accomplished in his life. Then he took it one step further and he was laid to rest in a coffin. This horrified the audience as it was just after his talk about “ you are what you think” not get in that coffin, JR!
  2. Even though there was no webinar, I did watch the video that Mark puts together. Another great learning point if you haven’t already watched it, I suggest you do. He talks about how your BODY and change your MIND. He had a TED talk video of a behavior phycologist, who did a study on the subject and proved that your Testosterone increases, and Cortisol decreases just by changing your posture. She pointed out that your can “fake it until you become it”. Just by displaying body language the shows confidence. This is another that hits home. I have been a manager in a stress filled job for a number of years. I was always behind the 8 ball and as a result felt my body close up, and withdrawn. Then a few years ago, I discovered that I had cancer. There is no doubt that this was caused by the way I handled the ongoing chronic stress. Instantly, I changed. I became more focused on my well being, and refused to let stress take over my life. I really didn’t think about this until now, but I was then displaying body language of confidence. I was in control of myself and that gave me the power to sit back, put my arms behind my head when talking to even my superiors. This does work! I LOVE the Wonder Woman Stance. From now on instead of saying, “man up”. I will be saying Wonder Woman up!

Week 18 – the person I intend to become.

Years ago, I was very popular among Christians to ask the question, “what would Jesus do?” It was a way to guide your life and to “do the right thing” in treating your fellow brothers and sisters. This week, a similar question hit me right between the eyes. This new question is more than how you treat others. It involves the “I” and your determination to work successfully to accomplish your DMP. I have determined that, I do have a purpose in my life to fulfill. The question, “what would the person I intend to become, do next?” puts the focus on you, steering toward the direction of your Definite Major Purpose. If your DMP is in tune with the Universal, it then follows that you are doing what Jesus would do. Truly a brilliant question. I have, as instructed, placed 20 cards in my stack so that this question continues to pop up. For me, that is not enough. With all the distractions in one’s life, it is hard to be constantly reminded of this ever so important question. Therefore, to play off the reminders of circles, triangles, ect…, I decided to attach this question to an object that I am constantly handling throughout the day. Each time I pull it out of my pocket the binder that surrounds it asks the question. What would the person I intend to become, do next?

Week 17 Hero

Wow, this has been an eye-opening week in identifying what change I need in my life. I have seen many short videos on social media and TV showing, what I always assumed were, other people’s talents and abilities. Always thinking that they have a special gift that I do not have. I always put to genetics. They were like an Einstein and since I didn’t see that in me, I never would. The cement that was put on me at a young age was thick with unworthiness and worthlessness. Words of stupid, idiot, moron were used to describe each of us by my father and in turn echoed by my siblings. It put me on a course to always wonder what others are thinking about me. As a child I always felt that I was being watched by someone, somewhere. It was a couple years ago, at a seminar for our new business, that I discovered my “disability”, although I didn’t think of it as a disability until now. I Always thought of myself as one that thinks of others first when in fact the speaker turned that all around. And I then discovered my shyness and timidity was in fact all about me. That I was egocentric… Me egocentric? He said that my ego produced fears and doubts because of what others might think of me and therefore it controlled  my decisions. Since that portion of his speech cut through me like a knife, my ego put it aside and focused on the important things he had to share to build the business.   In the Hero’s Journey video, Mark brings up the word, “Ego” once again, and that wound was reopened to reflection once again. This is my disability that I need to overcome. I cannot be the servant I need to become with this quiet ego lingering inside ever fearful of what others might think. As she said on TED, it is time to celebrate the discovery of your disability. I have to tear away the fear of what others think of me, let go the ego and drive myself with purpose; on purpose; for a purpose of service, no matter what others think. In the past, plastered with negative cement, I never envisioned myself as a “hero”.  It’s is time to break free and begin my hero’s journey.

I always keep my promises, Greg Hinke

Week 17 Just a-drifting?


This has been another one of those weeks were “life” seems to get in the way of the true things that are important. Ironically my virtue, this week is Courage, and that was certainly displayed when I finally stepped down as Manager for a company who just was not going in the direction I wished to follow. This move reminded me of an essay I read back in school about the student pedestrian and the high-flying squirrel. It basically was teaching the importance of taking risks and the growth in character that come with it.  At my age, I have taken a risk. So now I am a squirrel, thinking… where to I leap to next? This is on top of our planned move to a newly purchased home. Never the less, there is always time to focus on Master Keys Experience. I am proud that my wife and I religiously read the Master Keys, OG, Blue Print, Seven Laws, …Mirror, DMP, Flashcards, but i fall short on one key component. Master Mind.

In these “Dog Days in January”, I ask myself. Am I just drifting, and could this really be fear? Am I letting “life” get in the way just to mask the fear subby is hiding? As a new network marketer, I have learned a lot about our products and how to grow our business. I have been a presenter and participant in many home events. it’s just finding the right people to partner with.  When we think we have found the right person, there is a new fear that wells up… the fear of success. Therefore, I take Mark’s question to heart… Are you drifting, and could this drifting be the result of fear? The fear of chipping off that concrete and discovering, who you really are, before the external world plastered you with concrete?

What do I really Want? Well, I know that there is more to me than who I currently am. Therefore, I do want the change! I need to make my mark on this world and not be just an observer. To do this, it is clear, the concrete must come off and I cannot expect Mark to wave a magic wand to dissolve it. This is on me to take the steps to accomplish what’s needed. Toward the end of the webinar, Mark asked the kicker question, Have you given yourself permission? AH HA moment. that will change.